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14Dez 2015

About us…

Let me start by introducing myself and my colleagues

My name is Jim Fernandes and I have 15 years of experience in various facets of the software industry, I have been with ESSIT our parent company for over 7 years (with 10 years in SAP). When we decided to spin off Applied Basis I agreed to take on the position of XXX of SAP practice.

I have a technical background with degrees in Industrial Electronics and Telecommunications from Mumbai University, India and a Masters in Telecommunications from NJIT in the US.

I enjoy reading, music and generally spending time outdoors either hiking or visiting new places.


My name is Marcelo Donato, I have around 20 years of experience in the IT area. I’ve studied data processing at ETE Camargo Aranha and Business Administration from Paulista University.

I’ve worked in different IT areas like Support, Development and Operations before working with SAP in 2000 in the SAP security area.

I worked with Unilever for a period of 10 years before moving on to our parent company, ESSIT. I have been with ESSIT in the position of SAP Basis Subject Matter Expert (SME).

I live and work out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. In my free time I love playing poker with friends, travelling and have a passion for preparing Barbecue’s and Pizza’s