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14Dez 2015

HTTP Thread Block Issue – Identification

Identifying the problem server in case of HTTP Thread block Scenario in SAP PI


  1. This particular situation occurs when all the HTTP threads get in to block state waiting for response from another server in the cluster for internal communication. The symptoms are “503 service unavailability” or slowness in Soap message processing.

HTTP Error 503


  1. Open SAPMMC console of Problem server and find the effected server for HTTP threads in Red and blocked state, as shown the picture beSAPMMC Console1
  2. Sort the Http threads and find the longest running thread of all blocked HTTP thread, and you will find description on the subtask of the application server it’s trying to connect/waiting for response, and this application server is the problem server.(check the ip address for application server name)

Console 2

  1. After finding the problem Application server name, please restart the ICM (local ICM) for that particular application server which should clear the blocked threads across all the servers
  2. This is the first line for defense, if it’s does not work. We need to restart the application server which has the blocked threads. But this Workaround will work most of the time.