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14Dez 2015

Printer Issue

Issue: In certain point the users started to complain about printer slowness. It was affecting the main processes and impacting in the production system and the company results. Basis, Unix, DB and SAP teams were involved in order to provide a solution.


Finding: It was identified that due an I/O issue, the infrastructure tables involved in the printring process was suffering the impacts. I/O times were very slow and causing the slowness around the spools being inserted on these tables.


Recommendation: As a solution, it was recommended to move these tables to other storage área (containers) in order to split the I/O accross the disks.


Solution applied: Following the recommendation provided by SAP, teams started to work around the move tables. During the processes the time estimated to conclude these work started to increase too  much. Due this, the business has continued to be impacted by this issue and the due dates started to fail one after other. In a separate work, Basis team has provided another solution, which could fit as a workaround during the table movement. The solution was applied in a online way and basically it has redirected the spool jobs from these tables direct to the disks using available options on SPAD, avoiding to use the affecteds tables and consequently speeding up the printing processes.