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14Dez 2015

System Down

System went down – Too many workprocesses


Issue: After a schedule maintenance where one of the changes would be to increase the number of workprocesses, the system got crashed and none job/process were able to be executed.


Finding: it was identified by the Basis team that due this change, system got crashed despite the number of workprocesses be in a right configuration.


Recommendation: After the analysis, it was conclude that for some reason, the system was not handling the number of workprocesses set in the system. Because that, it was recommended to reduce the number of workprocesses set in the system, even though it was below the limit provided by SAP.


Solution applied: Number of workprocesses has been reduced and the system brought back properly. It was idenfied that for some bug, that versions (SAP/Kernel) was not able to handle more than 240 workprocesses in one application server. SAP has provided an oficial answer reporting this and recommended a kernel upgrade.