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14Dez 2015

HTTP Thread Block Issue – Identification

Identifying the problem server in case of HTTP Thread block Scenario in SAP PI


  1. This particular situation occurs when all the HTTP threads get in to block state waiting for response from another server in the cluster for internal communication. The symptoms are “503 service unavailability” or slowness in Soap message processing.

HTTP Error 503


  1. Open SAPMMC console of Problem server and find the effected server for HTTP threads in Red and blocked state, as shown the picture beSAPMMC Console1
  2. Sort the Http threads and find the longest running thread of all blocked HTTP thread, and you will find description on the subtask of the application server it’s trying to connect/waiting for response, and this application server is the problem server.(check the ip address for application server name)

Console 2

  1. After finding the problem Application server name, please restart the ICM (local ICM) for that particular application server which should clear the blocked threads across all the servers
  2. This is the first line for defense, if it’s does not work. We need to restart the application server which has the blocked threads. But this Workaround will work most of the time.




14Dez 2015

System Down

System went down – Too many workprocesses


Issue: After a schedule maintenance where one of the changes would be to increase the number of workprocesses, the system got crashed and none job/process were able to be executed.


Finding: it was identified by the Basis team that due this change, system got crashed despite the number of workprocesses be in a right configuration.


Recommendation: After the analysis, it was conclude that for some reason, the system was not handling the number of workprocesses set in the system. Because that, it was recommended to reduce the number of workprocesses set in the system, even though it was below the limit provided by SAP.


Solution applied: Number of workprocesses has been reduced and the system brought back properly. It was idenfied that for some bug, that versions (SAP/Kernel) was not able to handle more than 240 workprocesses in one application server. SAP has provided an oficial answer reporting this and recommended a kernel upgrade.

14Dez 2015

Printer Issue

Issue: In certain point the users started to complain about printer slowness. It was affecting the main processes and impacting in the production system and the company results. Basis, Unix, DB and SAP teams were involved in order to provide a solution.


Finding: It was identified that due an I/O issue, the infrastructure tables involved in the printring process was suffering the impacts. I/O times were very slow and causing the slowness around the spools being inserted on these tables.


Recommendation: As a solution, it was recommended to move these tables to other storage área (containers) in order to split the I/O accross the disks.


Solution applied: Following the recommendation provided by SAP, teams started to work around the move tables. During the processes the time estimated to conclude these work started to increase too  much. Due this, the business has continued to be impacted by this issue and the due dates started to fail one after other. In a separate work, Basis team has provided another solution, which could fit as a workaround during the table movement. The solution was applied in a online way and basically it has redirected the spool jobs from these tables direct to the disks using available options on SPAD, avoiding to use the affecteds tables and consequently speeding up the printing processes.

14Dez 2015

About us…

Let me start by introducing myself and my colleagues

My name is Jim Fernandes and I have 15 years of experience in various facets of the software industry, I have been with ESSIT our parent company for over 7 years (with 10 years in SAP). When we decided to spin off Applied Basis I agreed to take on the position of XXX of SAP practice.

I have a technical background with degrees in Industrial Electronics and Telecommunications from Mumbai University, India and a Masters in Telecommunications from NJIT in the US.

I enjoy reading, music and generally spending time outdoors either hiking or visiting new places.


My name is Marcelo Donato, I have around 20 years of experience in the IT area. I’ve studied data processing at ETE Camargo Aranha and Business Administration from Paulista University.

I’ve worked in different IT areas like Support, Development and Operations before working with SAP in 2000 in the SAP security area.

I worked with Unilever for a period of 10 years before moving on to our parent company, ESSIT. I have been with ESSIT in the position of SAP Basis Subject Matter Expert (SME).

I live and work out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. In my free time I love playing poker with friends, travelling and have a passion for preparing Barbecue’s and Pizza’s

14Dez 2015


Let us start with an introduction of Applied Basis, We are a boutique software tuning company that focuses on SAP and specifically within that the “Technical” areas of SAP which is called SAP Basis. The typical OSI model is not sufficient to fully capture what we do but generalizing, SAP Basis covers all layers except the Application Layer.


At Applied Basis we started with a simple goal, to provide services and products to clients with a focus on tuning the hardware/Application combination to the most optimal state possible. It wasnt easy at first but we found that the approach on how to tune a SAP system followed a pre-defined set of steps. We simply standardized them and found that the vast majority of issues faced could be solved by this methodology.


Of course the real genius is, knowing that nothing is set in stone and that there is really no standard formula for solving a new issue.


Our strength lies in our resources. Expert level, battle hardened, out of the box thinkers and doers.


We are firm believers in the fact that knowledge grows the more you share it. Following this line of thought, we first set up this blog as an internal project within the company so that we could disseminate and share information within our resources. We were successful and we felt that we had reached the maturity where we could now take it out to the WWW and have this information be consumed by others and perhaps assist them, we also wanted to share this with the rest of you folks out there and invite feedback and questions you might have.


We will be blogging about SAP topics related to Basis anything ranging from how best to monitor complex highly volatile SAP systems to setting up Solution Manager alerting, white papers on technical topics to tips on how to run a trace.


We also invite questions that our experts can answer, if you would like us to write on a particular topic you are curious about and would like to learn, drop us a line.


Here is to a great voyage! In the words of Buzz Lightyear – “To Infinity and Beyond!”