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Why choose us ?

We Love Optimal Performance
  • A recent trend within organizations running SAP has been to separate SAP Basis into 2 teams. You have the team that manages the infrastructure, which would include things like the actual servers, SAN, OS, Network etc and another team that focuses on the part of basis accessible from the GUI. Sometimes called Application Basis.
  • This is interesting because it allows for an increased level of engagement with the various functional teams that make up support for the entire SAP solution. One of the key areas of responsibility for the Application Basis team is that of Performance, specifically system performance.
  • From our experience in the SAP area we find that while most Basis resources in the market are generally good at more mundane things like refreshes and upgrades, they are not tuned in to the more fundamental aspects of managing a complex system like a SAP installation.
  • Most of the major performance issues faced in large organizations result from a lack of expertise in managing the existing hardware resources and fine tuning them to deliver optimal performance. While refreshes and upgrades are an essential facet of maintaining a SAP system, tuning is essential to anticipate and counter possible issues in the system resulting in lower unplanned downtimes and efficiently running code.
  • We see an opportunity here. Our team, backed by years of experience in the field of tuning has developed an uncanny sixth sense when it comes to Monitoring, Identifying and eventually mitigating most causes of potential major issues resulting in a fully tuned system delivering what our client paid for.
  • See what we can do for you and your organization by calling us to set up a free tune up for your system.
Lower Unplanned Downtime
  • On a recent called was heard an oft repeated gripe, “Why was this not ANTICIPATED?”. It is a valid question.
  • Unplanned Downtime of SAP systems impacts a company’s financial bottom lines. Every time a SAP system goes down the cost in dollars and productivity can be measured. Production schedules are disrupted and plants go offline.
  • Having Unplanned downtimes during crucial periods like Month End or Quarter End close is especially disruptive.
  • How do you lower your Unplanned Downtime? Fortunately, we think we know the answer. While crystal balls to gaze into for predicting issues are hard to come by, we do have certain methods and processes that can help us do exactly that.
  • As with most well managed systems it involves a lot of pre-work and planning. Fortunately we are good that that. We have developed a playbook that helps us monitor the critical KPI’s that allow us to anticipate major issues
Benefit from our Expertise
  • We believe that the ability to channel Knowledge in the right direction is expertise, this comes with experience.
  • We count companies in the Forbes top 50 as our clients and we have years of experience successfully supporting them. Our experience has helped us create processes and techniques that lead us to effectively manage and deliver services on complex SAP architectures
  • Our development centers in Brazil, India and the UK recruit top talent that helps us apply expert level advice and support from around the globe
  • Whether you are a fortune 500 company or a progressive startup, we have the expertise to match your demand and depth to support your business.
We Exceed Expectations not Expenses
  • Although our core business is focused on delivering  support and application development services to our clients we have never been satisfied with just that.
  • We believe is exceeding our own expectations of what we think we can deliver to our partners. This is why we created a SME group for one of our clients which functions as a think-tank to deliver out-of-the-box solutions to tough problems
  • We conceived, designed and developed a plug in tool to SAP that can be deployed on our clients SAP systems that provides automated monitoring and generates metadata about the system being monitored delivering advances KEC capabilities.
  • We work with our clients to deliver all of this expertise at a price point that will pleasantly surprise.
  • Whether your need is an Expert on Demand, a full blown Application Development Project or a Managed services contract we deliver above expectations both on price and expertise.