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Emergency Support

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Emergency Support (SOS Support)

This is a on demand SAP Basis service which can be requested 24X7 in times of an emergency situation at the client location.

Emergency Support Services for SAP® Applications

Unexpected Urgent issues in production systems not only kill productive time, they contribute to financial losses for your business and loss of confidence on the IT organization. Applied Basis is geared to apply quick resolutions to business critical issues to ensure that impacts are kept to a minimum. 

Applied Basis consulting associates have both depth and breadth of expertise across the full range of SAP applications, releases and platforms. When an issue hits your business is backed by the full pool of experts – chances are we’ve seen it before – so your project benefits from our insight and faster issue resolution.


The SOSBasis service provides rapid response emergency support and fast issue resolution. One of Symmetry’s expert consultants can be on the phone with your staff, or hands-on in your system providing the trusted expertise you need – often within the hour.


Full Root Cause Analysis after we have worked on and resolved the issue with full documentation to ensure that our clients benefit from our expertise should the issue occur again.

Basis On-Demand Services

If you have an identified system problem, or a major go-live Applied Basis can be retained on a short-term basis to provide expert contingency support, advice or intervention. With Symmetry’s emergency on-call services you can be prepared for any eventuality.